We not only focus on solving supply chain and logistics challenges, we also use our vast industry expertise, knowledge, tools, experience and skills to work together with you – evolving your supply chain into a strategic asset.

Supply and Chain Management
This is a service involved in transfer of knowledge on how to exploit existing assets through improved coordination and can hence be a source of competitive advantage. Our team applies industry specific knowledge, including new product development, post-sale service management and demand planning management.
Supply Services

By specialising in areas such as the large-scale and scheduled procurement, we are able to consolidate your supply chain and give your staff the freedom to spend their time on more productive and cost-effective tasks. We can also provide your production lines with access to locally stored buffer stock that is available at a fixed annual price, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of favourable market conditions at a moment’s notice. We differ from other suppliers with our high-quality and favorable price products and services. Also our unique service portfolio provide progressing your business without barrier. Vitas Consulting  works hard for to provide you with reliable, affordable and high quality service and search effectively methods for your satisfaction.