We can help you to transform and improve public services.  We combine commercial and public-sector expertise to address governments’ most challenging issues. Working collaboratively with our clients in economics, education, and other disciplines, we apply strategic insight to develop tailored solutions that help them achieve high-impact and sustainable results.

Economic Growth

We support local and neighborhood business associations, business improvement districts, economic development corporations, civic associations and other civic groups dedicated to making your district a better place to do business. To fully fund priorities as needs in the areas of unemployment, poverty, homelessness and affordable housing economic growth must accelerate significantly. We also provide assistances to established companies looking to grow their businesses. “Vitas Consulting” implements strategic initiatives to enhance the regions’ competitiveness by attracting high-tech talent and companies through site location assistance while providing innovative services to grow local businesses and prepare regional communities for future growth.


Our experts have a successful track recording in delivering large-scale improvement programs for education reform. “Vitas Consulting” delivers professional services to creating a strategy for educational reform for your country. Besides, we combine our sector expertise with general capabilities. We understand education sector’s unique dynamics: the sales cycles, the funding environment, the workflows, the transition from print to digital, and the tensions between business and mission goals.


Our team has an unwavering focus on providing unmatched client service and the highest quality legal advice. We are proactive and accessible. We offer clear and concise solutions. In addition, we are mindful that we must deliver the absolute best value on every client engagement, whether it’s large or small.


Trade, including import and export, is an important policy that affects the development of each structure. Domestic and foreign trade has always been in the spotlight in the development of the public sector. The development of foreign trade is characterized by direct foreign policy. The private sector trade strategy is largely advancing parallel to the public sector development model. We are working on the development of this sector, taking into account all the nuances.