Operational Efficiency consists of all the activities involved in transforming a product idea into a qualitative final product. At Vitas Consulting, our Operational Efficiency practice can help your organization build a high-class value chain and achieve operational excellence.

Project Management

The main challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints. Vitas Consulting is the partner of choice for the execution of complex projects for all kind of organizations.

Procurement Management

Businesses have to manage procurement processes to ensure to receive goods, services or works the best possible price, while considering quality, quantity, time, and location factors also. Our Procurement Management team will work with you to develop the procurement strategy and guidelines, and  to execute any specific procurement process.

Marketing and Market Research

Our service is mainly based on the demand model of commodities that can move between the domestic market and different countries, identifying market trends, identifying export and import, selling and distribution channels, selling prices and price dynamics in the target market, and risk assessments and insurance techniques assessment and action plan development. Along with the mentioned, currency exchange and exchange rate dynamics in the foreign exchange market are always kept in focus at the consultation services. At the same time, involvement of highly qualified professionals in the project is one of the important factors.

Risk Management

This is a process of identifying the potential risks in advance, analyzing such risks and taking precautionary steps to avoid or reduce them. We develop, review and implement risk management strategies for managing market, operational and reputational risks.