We operate via a highly efficient, robust and cross-functional structure that allows for a health and progressive growth in size, skill and quality. We provide superior value, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions in compliance with the latest design/construction international and local codes and standards. We apply state-of-the-art technologies whilst adopting an exceptional quality assurance system and seeking innovation and improvement.

Feasibility Study
VITAS CONSULTING performs feasibility studies to assess the viability of a project. Feasibility studies are typically used to determine the likelihood of a project’s success. We offer you unrivaled experience gained across a diverse range of projects across all sectors. That is why our trusted evaluation methods and highly specialized engineers are the first choice for clients. Our service covers aspect, examining integrated technical, environmental, societal, economic and financial aspects. We also manage the decision process through a systematic and stringent approach with due attention to inherent uncertainties.
Enviromental Impact Assesment
We provide a basis for ongoing environmental management including through the results of monitoring and promote awareness and education in environmental values. We put our clients on solid ground by offering a dynamic range of comprehensive, innovative and customized solutions while meeting the current challenges of environmental compliance head on. We also manage professional liability, errors and omissions insurance, and pollution liability insurance. Our substantial experience and knowledge enable us to find an appropriate level of detail for each EIA assignment both in terms of EIA regulations and of resource consumption. Our goal is to ensure that sustainable solutions are implemented to conserve and improve resources and natural systems for generations to come.
GIS And GPS Mapping

We provide to use geographic information systems (GIS) and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology to visualize, manage, analyze and collate data based on any location. Our GIS solutions make it simpler and quicker for our clients to manage their assets geographically, to identify opportunities, reduce risk and adapt to better face the future.

We have a great experience in the engineering designing. Our specialists and engineers have an extensive appreciation for innovation, aesthetic and practicality. With each project, “Vitas Consulting” design teams are inspiring new directions in creative and strategic design.
Construction Supervision
Many events take place between a project’s conception and completion. For a project to be successful, construction have to planned and managed throughout the process. "Vitas Consulting" provided construction supervision service during construction works carried out in the service provided in structures in many industrial and private customers. In this case, we pay special attention to such issues as risk management and preventive security measures.